Blog as Current Phenomenon and Benefits to the Community

17 Aug

Blogging has been a worldwide phenomenon nowadays. According to Technorati (2010), United States have the most blogger all over the world with 49% of participants.

Self experience and sharing their thoughts is the motivations for bloggers and personally satisfaction is the way to increase blogger’s viewer.

According to Dvorak C. (2002), people mostly create blog as their personal diaries. People blogs about their personal life, brands, movie’s review and things that is significant in their life. Other than that, people also blogs to release their frustration.

Blog Shopping Trend (2010) says blog is commonly used for commercial used such as to sell clothes, gadgets and many more. So, that is how blog shopping came about. In Malaysia, blog shopping became so popular and it is easy to implement.

According to Nielsen (2008), the market for online shopping has raise by 40% in the past two years. Based on the chart, about 70% of Malaysia has purchase something online and 39% of them have purchased something online in less than a month.

Jeff T. (2008) said that people started online shopping for convenience, cheaper price and no local restriction. You can just choose your selected item and pay it online with credit card. It is just within a mouse click. Online shopping is also cheaper in price because the owner do not need to pay its rental fee. With the existence of internet, people will have more choice and do not need to be limited by the local stores. So, this is why blog shopping has became a trend nowadays.



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3 Responses to “Blog as Current Phenomenon and Benefits to the Community”

  1. Jenny August 18, 2011 at 3:58 am #

    HI Lee Yee,

    For the benefit: blogging for shopping, pls find statistics to support, eg. percentage of Malaysians shopping online, and include some conceptual discussion-qualities of new media (interactivity or immediacy or something else) to explain why people like shopping online.

    • leeyeeidp August 18, 2011 at 8:44 am #

      Hi Miss Jenny, thanks for the advice. I did some change to it and hope it’s okay. Sorry if i keep asking cos i wanna double check.
      About the hyperlink, can i put it in in text citation? Do advice.


      • Jenny October 24, 2011 at 12:57 am #

        All postings are concise & informative. Good work. For future postings, add to details from new media concepts/ theories to further elaborate. 🙂

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