Classification of Blogs

18 Aug

There are many types of blog and it is written in different ways. According to Lilium (2009), she has discovered 50 different blogs. I’m here to elaborate different types of blog in details. There are many types of blogs such as personal blog, business and corporate blogs, informational blogs and many more. According to Abigail (2010), the major blogs are personal, corporate and media blogging.

Different blogs are written to different target audience. According to an interview done by Funnel A. (2008), Margaret Simmons gave her comments on every different types of blog. There are digest blog which includes commentary; but usually they are collecting materials from other sources. Advocacy blog is a blog which give opinions on certain issue. Then, there are exhibition blog which mostly maintain by artists and craftspeople which includes photography and other creative materials. There is personal blog where people write about their personal life online. Lastly, there are advertising blog which advertises and markets its product and news blog which report about the current happenings.

In conclusion, classification of blog is important so that readers would not be confused on what type of blog they are reading. A good classification of blog is a blog which comes with a different style of writing and content. For example, a news blog have to be written formally because the writer is writing about something important; unlike personal blog. A good blog classification can be seen by the topic itself and the style of writing.



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