New Forms of Media Publishing

24 Aug

The existence of internet since the 90s brings the new forms of media publishing. According to Naughton J. (2006), “a new organism has arrived in our media ecosystem and existing organisms have to accommodate themselves to the newcomer”. It means that the traditional media have to accommodate the new media publishing.

Journalist has change the way of getting information with the new media. Social media such as Facebook and Twitter has become their source of information. According to Singer A. (2009), there are a total of 1, 111, 991, 000 tweets to date, 200, 000, 000 Facebook users and 70, 000, 000 videos on Youtube at March 2008.

Sratmann J. (2011) mention that with the rise of social media, reporter do not gather news any longer and turn into a story but instead, it changes from an ecosystem where journalist, readers and sources share their information. Today it is faster for people to share links with other people using Facebook and twitter without taking the traditional media in account.

From the table, we can see that about 20-30% of visitors get their news from google while others still refer to Facebook to get their news. News in Facebook spread quite quickly with the sharing and “like” button.

The social media also created new trend. For example, the Barrack Obama Campaign.

According to Aaker and Smith (2010), it is the first political campaign that uses social media to spread the word, gain support and to get people take part. The campaign has a total of 5 millions viewer on 15 different social networks during the campaign. He also gain 2.5 million Facebook viewer, 115, 000 twitter followers and 50 million viewers on his youtube channel. This is something other politicians never done before.



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