15 Nov

This blog comes to an end and finally, it is time to reflect on some things that I’ve learn upon completing this assignment. Firstly, I learned on the newspaper or magazine layout arrangement. According to Kress and Van Leeuwen (1998), there is information value of given and new. Information placed on the right hand side of the newspaper is given; which is something reader already knew while information on the left hand side is new; which is information that is new to reader. With that, I will understand more on the layout and know where certain information has to be placed.

Another theory that I learned through this assignment is by Putnis and Petelin (1996). In this theory, Putnis and Petelin (1996) said that a blogger should write replying on the sensitivity of your purpose, reader and context. Blogger should also understand how readers read, comprehend and their action upon documents. So, I learned to develop this theory while I’m writing.




1. Kress, G. & Van Leeuwen, T. 1998. Chapter 7: Front Pages:The Critical Analysis of Newspaper Layout, Blackwell, Oxford.

2. Putnis P & Petelin R 1996, ‘Writing to communicate’, in Professional communication, Prentice Hall, Sydney.


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