Blogging Community

21 Aug

According to Kinkeldei B. (2007), blog communities have different definitions. Sometimes, blogging communities are people who has share a same blogging policy. Other than that, it is used to describe group blogs to people who do not own an individual’s blog.

According to Holman K. (2011), we must try to create a blog community. Blogging is more than writing and publishing but instead it helps people to join together in one voice. Firstly, blog can be created by reaching out to professional bloggers because they can help to build a strong connection between bloggers. Then, you can create a community by responding to them in the blog’s comment section. If you find an interesting post, you should write a post to respond to that post. Lastly, you can create a blogging community by creating a local blogger meet-up.

Figure 1: Blogging Community 

 According to White N. (2006) there are three types of blogging community.


Figure 2: Single Blogger Centric Community 

In Single Blogger Centric community, the blogger have to power to remove certain comment and censor to reader and they are the one that can create a topic. For example, the Stephen Downes website.


Figure 3: Central Topic Community 

Central topic community is a network formation. It occurs between blogs that share a similar interest of topic. The border of the network is the blend of subject matter and the community. For example, the Global Voices aggregates blog from developed country to get people to pay attention to certain issues.

Figure 4: Boundaried Communities 

Boundaried communities are hosted on a single platform with the collections of blogs and blogs readers. Members are required to register and join the community to get the chance to create a blog. For example, the Share Your Story website.



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